Overcome a painful moment in your life and better express yourself by writing a powerful short story in this 5-day class.

over 100 stories and 10+ books

Mark Tullius is an Ivy League graduate and former fighter who has published over 100 stories, 10 works of fiction, and the largest sociological study of MMA fighters. By traveling to 23 states around the country and interviewing over 400 fighters and coaches, Mark has developed the ability to coax stories out of others and help them share their work. Whether it was a UFC champion or a fighter about to begin his journey, Mark would try to understand who they were and how they got there. The process also helped him understand that every person has at least one moment in their life that they wished had never happened.

suicidal and depressed

Despite being depressed and suicidal most his life, Mark has persevered and remained positive. He has dealt with impulsivity, dark thoughts, ADHD and ADD, and other issues, due to traumatic brain injuries resulting from fighting, football, and a reckless lifestyle. By focusing on his family and finally treating his brain issues, Mark is healthier and happier. As a result, he is better able to pass on the importance of writing as a powerful cathartic tool.

“this is a safe place to break down a moment in your life that changed who you were and transform it into a powerful short story”

transforming power of short story writing

Mark discovered the transforming power of penning short stories from a Dangerous Writing workshop in 2008 and has since helped many individuals have emotional breakthroughs by helping them tell a story they have never told anyone else. While he cannot guarantee results, he is driven to help others, and one of his favorite success stories is his friend Anthony, an Iraq war vet who no longer has debilitating night terrors after going through this writing process.

in this 5-day course

In this 5-day class you will have a safe place to break down a moment in your life that changed who you were, transforming it into a powerful short story.

Oftentimes that moment is heartbreaking and something you’d rather leave in the past, but by examining those moments and putting them on paper, you can take control and finally move past them.

if you’ve never written anything, don’t worry

The course is designed for individuals who have never written a story and there are no expectations for proper spelling, grammar, or other writing rules. Mark will break down his fast and efficient writing formula and help you through each step of the story. As a result, you will find confidence in your ability, hopefully using this lifelong skill again and again and passing it on to your loved ones.