The Try Not to Die book series is a collection of stand-alone novellas that Mark Tullius creates with coauthors. In each book, readers make tough decisions that either let them continue the story or send them to their death. There is only one correct path in each path, but over two dozen ways to die.

There are over 20 books being developed for the series and Mark is currently creating a board game with the first pack titled Try Not to Die: Back at Grandma’s House.

“…aims at an audience of older readers nostalgic for the interactive storylines of their youth, and it has enough action and decision-making to fit that bill admirably.” - IndieReader

About Anthony

Anthony Szpak started stand-up comedy at sixteen, toured the country and performed on Comedy Central. He has sold television pilots to Castlerock, FX, and 20th Century Fox. He is currently an educator in Colorado and working on his next novel.

About Dawna

Dawna Gonzales is a jiu jitsu, self defense and women’s empowerment coach based out of San Diego Ca. Her mission is to empower women to feel stronger safer and empowered in all aspects of their lives. When she’s not teaching, she enjoys beach days with her dogs, foodie dates with her husband, podcasting and co-authoring Try Not to Die books with her friend Mark. Follow her on all social media @dawnagonzales10p

About John

John Palisano is a Bram Stoker Award© winning author who served as the Horror Writers Association president. John has four novels of his own plus a few collections and numerous short stories. In addition to Try Not to Die: In the Pandemic, he also coauthored Try Not to Die: In the Wild West and has a short story called Try Not to Die: In a Hell Hole both scheduled for 2023 release.

About Sage

Sage is a licensed Acupuncturist, Tattoo Artist, Writer, Illustrator and Dungeon Master that lives in Portland Oregon. He taught for years with Tom Spanbauer’s Dangerous Writers, and has lived a life of high adventure. His work in an integrative pain management clinic, as well as his love of Chinese Medicine, Tattoos, and Table-Top Role-Playing Games, and his husband and 2 doggos, fills up all his time.

Instagram: @tat2edsage