25 Perfect Days Mark Tullius

A totalitarian state doesn’t just happen overnight.

It’s a slow, dangerous slide.


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5 More Perfect Days


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5 More Perfect Days is the companion to 25 Perfect Days, which was named one of IndieReader’s Best Indie Books for 2013

“… perfectly disturbing, a walk through a possible future as bleak as George Orwell’s 1984. Scary, realistic, and satisfying” IndieReader review of 25 Perfect Days.

Five interlinked stories, each written from a different character’s point of view, 5 More Perfect Days continues the dystopian nightmare of 25 Perfect Days, with more tales of the sacrifice, courage, and love needed to survive and overcome this nightmare.


Mark Tullius?

Author Mark Tullius

I’m a father and a husband, a brother and a son. I’m an Ivy League grad who worked in a warehouse, an MMA fighter with too many defeats. I’m the bouncer and bodyguard, the drunk guy in the fight. The jailer and the jailed, the guilty and innocent.

I’m a writer shaped by influences, too many to count. I grew up on King and Koontz while force-fed the Bible. I narrate Dr. Seuss and Disney nearly every night. Like you, I’ve seen things I wished I hadn’t, heard some truths I won’t forget.

Writing is my heavy bag, the sparring partner that doesn’t punch back. It’s where I shed my armor and cast off the blindfold, take a look at myself and the world around me. The writing takes me wherever it wants. Dark alley or dinner table, classroom or morgue. I go along for the ride and try to capture the moment, show life like it is.

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For a more in-depth look at who I am, what I’ve learned from Unlocking the Cage, and why I enjoy fiction, check out this interview I did with Richard Godwin.


Short Film Adaptation of 5 Minutes Alone from

25 Perfect Days

Mark’s Projects


Woman with a Gun

A serialized graphic novel about a woman on the run, crossing the country to save her daughter from her psychopathic husband. The series is set to begin April 2014.

Every Precious Second

A free short story about an old man who tries to slow down time for his dying wife.

5 More Perfect Days

Because 25 Perfect Days wasn’t enough, here comes 5 More.

Unlocking the Cage

The definitive study of the MMA fighter. Watch the interviews, read the blog, discover who these men and women are and why they fight.

Try Not To Die Series

A series of YA books where you pick your path and try to survive.

25 Perfect Days

This generation’s 1984. A dystopian novel comprised of 25 interlinked short stories. Free story released every two weeks.


Telepaths are imprisoned in a beautiful mountain town. Watch the trailer and find out more about the book.


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25 Perfect Days
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Brightside | eBook

Brightside Author Mark Tullius

A dark sci-fi thriller where telepaths are rounded up sent to the beautiful mountain town of Brightside. They’re told it’s just like everywhere else, probably even nicer. As long as they follow the rules and don’t ever think about leaving. Joe Nolan is one of the accused, a man who spent his life hearing things people left unsaid. And now he’s paying for it on his hundredth day in Brightside, fighting to keep hold of his secret in a town where no thought is safe.

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Men’s T-shirt, pre shrunk, lightweight soft fabric, pre washed, pre shrunk, slight slim fit, 100% cotton.

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Latest Blog Posts

The author at 11 months old.

Hey, Jake here. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been able to get on the blog, but my old man has been doing a much better job of keeping the computer from me since he saw my last post. There’s no telling how long he’ll be upstairs shoving clothes in drawers instead of folding them so they can have that lived-in look. I better get to it.

Those of you who have read my dad’s fiction might suspect that he has a thing for freedom. Anyone who has read his blog knows that’s true. In Brightside telepaths … (read more…)


When I first stopped by 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Burbank late 2012, I was mainly focused on MMA and didn’t care much about jiu-jitsu. Several fighters that I’d interviewed for my sociological study had strongly recommended that I talk with Eddie Bravo and take at least one of his classes, but I didn’t understand what the big deal was. I’m glad I listened to them though because after spending a couple days there, I was convinced MMA can be incredible for children and if I lived closer to the studio, that is definitely where both my daughter and I would train.

Life went on and I … (read more…)

Jake bioDuh, Duh, Duh. That’s all My Old Man hears me say. He thinks I’m saying Daddy even though Mommy made it quite clear it’s just the first sound babies make. What I’m really trying to say is Dummy. What the hell’s this guy thinking?

If you’re not one of the few that actually reads his blog, you probably didn’t see The Day We Fight Back Through Fiction. It was some paranoid nonsense about the NSA but I didn’t say crap about it, hoped he was just marketing to the conspiracy nuts, pretending he’s a teenager wanting to fight the power.

But then yesterday, he takes me downstairs, plops me in the … (read more…)

5 perfect days-finalIt’s been a year since I finished writing my dystopian novel, 25 Perfect Days, so when I decided to write an additional five stories, I couldn’t wait to explore this fictional world with fresh eyes, to see new possibilities and discover more characters. The story ideas came quickly – drones killing citizens without trials, whistleblowers hunted down by colleagues, homosexuals rounded up, false flags, and plenty of propaganda. Pure fiction, pure entertainment.

Then an early reader told me everything I was writing about in 5 More Perfect Days was already happening in some part of the world. I called her a conspiracy nut and de-friended her. She sent me (read more…)


IMG_3055I know this might be hard for some people to believe, but I’m only 9 months old. Sometimes people take me for 10 or 11, but none of them would guess I could write. I’m not saying I’m the best, but I can string some words together. And by ‘write’ I mean ‘talk.’ You know how long it’d take me to crawl across the keyboard? I’d probably short it out with drool. Nah, I got me this pretty cool app, only problem is there’s no editing. Not with these thumbs. I pick up 5 puffs hoping one gets in my mouth. But man it’s worth it, those things are yummy.

So yeah, like I was saying, stream of consciousness. I’m gonna pee my words all over this place, the margins of the page my diaper. It feels so good to let it … (read more…)

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