Try Not to Die: At Grandma’s House

Over Two Dozen Ways to Die. Only One Correct Path.

Try to survive, to make the right choice.

Accept that it’s not going to matter.

You and your sister are going to Grandma’s house.

Good luck making it out alive

“I really enjoyed the ease at which I was directed back to the previous choices. I loved the storyline and I was engrossed until I finally finished the story completely. I would definitely read more from these authors. Great job.” ★★★★★

“I went down the various options to see what would happen and while I made some bad choices, it was fun to do. There is some gore when you choose certain paths but not over the top for kids and well-written enough for adults, like me, to enjoy as well.” ★★★★★

“This is a YA novel but I had so much fun reading it. It was such a good story and full of surprises.” ★★★★★

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