Unlocking the Cage

When I started fighting fifteen years ago, the number one question people asked was, “Why?” I could never come up with a real reason – maybe I was too scared to take a look. After years away from competing, I recently began training my daughter in martial arts. Now I have to look, see what it is that made me enter the cage.

Unlocking the Cage will consist of three parts. A sociological study of MMA fighters. In-depth interviews discussing their experiences. My personal journey of trying to answer the same questions.

In order for this book and sociological study to be a success, it will take all of you. If you have ever been a participant in a MMA fight, whether amateur or pro, past or present, male or female, I want your opinion. I want to find out what we have in common. I want to challenge stereotypes, dig a little deeper to get at some truths. I want to compare the guys that fought in warehouses to the rising stars of today. I want to talk with legends that put the sport on the map. Whether you’ve had one fight or forty, I’d like to speak with you.

I understand that there are many definitions of what a fighter is and I have nothing but respect for any person who competes in any form of combat sport. This book, however, will only be focusing on full contact fights in which both striking and grappling techniques are allowed, no protective gear other than the standard.

I’ll be traveling to every state in the country to train with and interview fighters. Both the ebook and my blog will be featuring fighters’ highlights and interviews. I think this is a wonderful way for smaller gyms and fighters to get some exposure and recognition. Let me know where you guys are at.

If interested, please contact me at mark@marktullius.com, include name, address, and whether you’d like to answer the written survey, do a filmed one-on-one interview, or a phone interview. Looking forward to speaking with you.