2012: Making the Commitment

If I hadn’t made three commitments to ensure 2012 was going to be an incredible year, this blog wouldn’t be here, I’d be posting twice a year on Facebook, and I’d never have opened a twitter account.

It’s easy to be a wallflower and watch life dance by. You’re never vulnerable if you sit in the back and keep your mouth shut. That’s how I lived most my life, but that has to change. This year’s about getting things done.

The first commitment is to my fiction. In my literary thriller, Brightside, telepaths are rounded up by the government and imprisoned in a small mountain town. I’m very excited to be releasing the first chapter. Be sure to check it out.

I also have my short story collection, 25 Perfect Days. This dystopian nightmare takes a look at the world gone wrong. Think Jesus’ Son meets 1984, if Alex Jones and Marc Dice could have a baby. Scary stuff.

Commitment number two is a big one. I’m 39 years old and jumping back into the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Part of it is to kick my ass back in shape, but it’s mainly so I can conduct an in-depth sociological study of the sport, trying to answer the question; Why? Why fight? It’s the number one question I was asked as a fighter and I still don’t have an answer to it. I hope by traveling around the country interviewing fighters, I’ll be able to gain a better understanding.

For fighters and fans who are interested in this, please click on the Unlocking the Cage tab for more information.

Between the first two commitments, I’m looking at spending a minimum of a hundred days on the road. In April, I’ll be headed from LA to D.C. August looks like LA to Miami, and in October I’ll go up to Seattle, then over to Providence to catch a Brown football game. Hopefully against Yale because who doesn’t want to see those guys lose.

All that travel takes me to my third commitment, which is also my highest. It’s to my family. My wife and daughter mean everything to me. If there are some delays because my daughter needs her daddy, I hope you understand.

It promises it be a busy year, but I’m up for the challenge. Thank you all for joining me. Be sure to stick around for some stories.